Chase sits in front of a green framed window, wearing a cheetah print shirt and looking to her right. On the window's glass pane reads "Ricas's Tostadas" in red lettering.

Chase DiBenedetto

Social Good Reporter

Chase joined Mashable's Social Good team in 2020, covering online stories about digital activism, climate justice, accessibility, and media representation. Her work also touches on how these conversations manifest in politics, popular culture, and fandom. Sometimes she's very funny.

Chase has a B.A. in International Studies from UC San Diego and a Masters in International Relations and Journalism from NYU. Her academic background is rooted in global social movements, humanitarian aid and human rights, and the politics and culture of Latin America. Chase's MA thesis was all about mummies.

Outside Mashable, Chase is an avid film watcher, bread maker, concert goer, and California enthusiast. On any given day you can catch her in the AMC A-List line... Or buying too many books... Or talking obscure fun facts. She firmly believes Pixar’s Cars is one of the best movies ever made. 

Contact Chase at [email protected](opens in a new tab) or follow her @chadibenedetto(opens in a new tab).

By Chase DiBenedetto

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