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How 3D modelling is helping the restoration of Paris’ Notre-Dame

The famous French Gothic church is set to reopen at the end of 2024.
By Teodosia Dobriyanova  on 
Render of a 3D reconstruction model shows the Notre Dame, partially restored.
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In April 2019, a blaze engulfed(opens in a new tab) one of France's national symbols and broke hearts across the world. In the centre of Paris, the fire caused the main timber spire and roof of the 850-year-old Notre-Dame cathedral to collapse, and destroyed the stained glass windows and wooden interior.

Four years later, Notre-Dame's restoration is almost complete, partially thanks to a 3D reconstruction model that U.S.-based software company Autodesk(opens in a new tab) donated to the cathedral's reconstruction teams. Autodesk helped create a 3D building information model (BIM) of the Notre-Dame using scans, photogrammetry, and drone footage after the fire to capture a complete view.

Notre-Dame's rebuilding efforts continue, with the famous cathedral set to reopen in late 2024. This use of BIM technology is just one exciting example of the many cultural preservation projects that could potentially benefit from it across the globe.

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